Sustainability first - our response to the climate challenge

Sustainability first

Our response to the climate challenge

Climate change presents a major challenge to both Grundfos and the rest of the world. Our perception of climate change is based on science, and we believe that the climate challenges create a vicious circle of climate change, water stress and energy consumption.

Furthermore, we agree with IPCC, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, that human action has caused severe environmental degradation and that, with a rapidly growing population, our current consumption patterns are unsustainable.

Industry is part of the climate problem, and as a corporate citizens of the world, we therefore believe businesses have a responsibility to act. However, we also believe that industry is part of the solution. A global response to climate change will create a greater demand for solutions that will reduce water and energy consumption. Grundfos is in a unique position to meet this demand with our products, services, partnerships and organisational voice.

Focus on innovation and product development

In order to take on the climate challenges and ensure economic growth without creating climate change in the future, we need to take a giant, technical leap. If Grundfos wants to continue to be a part of the solution and benefit from the vast business opportunities offered by climate change, we have to keep focusing on innovation and product development. We have to develop and apply a broad range of initiatives that will work together and propel our company into a more sustainable future.

We therefore need to continue our innovation activities and develop the best engineering solutions to the world’s environmental problems. We need to use our imagination, embrace new technologies, search for systems solutions and accelerate our environmental agenda. We need to do this at a higher pace than ever before. Furthermore, we must set a good example by reducing our own impact on the environment.

Grundfos Climate White Paper

2009 saw the launch of a Grundfos Climate White Paper, which is developed by Grundfos Group management. The Climate White Paper is our response to the climate challenge and sets the overall direction for future climate initiatives at Grundfos. Furthermore, we have identified five commitments that will anchor our climate efforts:

  1. We will take our own medicine and never emit more CO2 than we did in 2008;
  2. We will invest in developing new sustainable products and solutions;
  3. We will continue to develop an organisation with a green mindset;
  4. We will influence the global climate agenda and position Grundfos as a true global player, and
  5. We will communicate our progress and provide full transparency.

We will take the initiative now, take our own medicine and utilise our core competences to ensure maximum impact of our efforts, open new markets and capitalise on the need for sustainable solutions. This is Grundfos' response to the climate challenge.

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