Strategies and policies


Corporate sustainability and responsibility is an integral part of our business

Our guiding star for the future Grundfos is formulated in the Grundfos Innovation Intent. To help us realise this, Grundfos has developed a business strategy for the 2011-2015 period. The business strategy focuses on five strategic themes:

  • Structural Fit
  • Truly Global
  • Business Differentiation
  • Innovation Intent
  • Great People

Major efforts have been devoted to defining our approach to sustainability, which now forms an integral part of the five strategic themes. They will be realised by minimising our own negative footprint, enhancing customer-driven green solutions, developing competences to realise Innovation Intent, engaging in public policy and revitalising the values that bind us together in a global company. While our core values, Code of Conduct and policies are the foundation for acting responsibly, Group Strategy takes us towards developing a truly sustainable business.

Executing globally

In order to execute sustainability and responsibility efficiently at Grundfos, we consider it crucial that corporate sustainability and responsibility are embedded throughout the organisation, meaning that the related objectives have been implemented and applied across business units and companies on both a global and a local level. Each of us has an obligation to perform accordingly.

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