Community involvement


Supporting the surrounding community

As society and business go hand in hand, we create economic growth for the communities in which we operate. This is done through our engagement with stakeholders and support to improve living conditions of local people. This is our social license to operate.

We wish to become engaged in the local communities through respectful stakeholder dialogue with all our stakeholders. Engaging in dialogue with local communities provides Grundfos with a unique knowledge and know-how with regard to providing the most sustainable solutions.

Another way of supporting local communities is through co-operation and donation of money, products or employee volunteer time to charities, non-governmental organisations, universities, etc.

Creating shared value by focusing on water

Water is synonymous with Grundfos and when Grundfos companies engage in local communities, water also is a focus area. Grundfos companies support the development of sustainable water solutions, teach children about water conservation and clean energy and donated water supply products.

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